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We light up the future of medicine
Efficient Manufacturing - High Availability - Guaranteed Security - Excellent Service

IMMUMEDIC Limited - international medical service provider and leading partner of physicians and private clinics. Together with a GMP-certified laboratory, we offer our customers optimal logistical and therapy-optimized services.  This includes autologous vaccines (dendritic cells) for immunological cancer therapy, as well as for autoimmune diseases. Our medical transport logistics is a milestone in our business policy to enable you and your customers/patients to be supplied with the necessary blood sample sets, autologous vaccines, for the respective therapies. In Europe we deliver overnight, and in many  non-European countries we are able to deliver overnight or frozen. Ask us, we will find the right solution for you.

Cancer diagnosis - you are affected or more affected and are looking for an alternative cancer therapy then request your 2 or 3 opinions free of charge.

Specialists create a medical report including the associated studies/dissertation based on their current findings and blood values.

You are looking for a practice for treatment with autologous vaccines in your area.
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Our services at a glance

For doctors/clinics

  • Production of specific, primed dendritic cells for cancer events for outpatient or inpatient cancer therapies

  • Production of autologous dendritic cells from blood.

  • Network of cancer specialists nationally and internationally.

  • Prevention of suspected genetic cancer

  • Logistical processing by medical courier

  • Production in the GMP laboratory in Europe/Germany

  • Quality and documentation management

For the customer/patient

  • Competent advice from medical specialists

  • Outpatient cancer therapy, primary or concomitant, with a doctor, in private international clinics

  • Dendritic cells in various cancers

  • IGeL performance

  • Complete logistic services (collection/delivery)

Any questions

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